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Training for Improved Food Safety & Quality

McLeskey Consulting is a certified trainer for a number of industry-standard schemes, including:

HACCP Trainer
  • Basic HACCP Training
  • Advanced HACCP Training 
  • GMP Training
  • MSS Training
  • SSOP Training
  • Training for other other sanitation programs and schemes

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We conduct on-site training for operations of all sizes. All you have to do to get started is give us a call or send us a message online.

Get Started

Basic HACCP Training

Our Basic HACCP Training includes an introduction to HACCP systems and how they relate to food safety. You'll learn how to develop and apply HACCP plans for biological, chemical, and physical hazards, as well as:

  • How to identify critical control points (CCPs)
  • How to perform hazard analysis
  • How to establisy critical limits
  • How to establish monitoring procedures
  • How to establish and implement record keeping systems

Advanced HACCP Training

Food Industry Trainer and Consultant

If you already have some understanding of HACCP procedures, you can take advantage of our Advanced HACCP Training. Advanced HACCP training will focus on HACCP System Verification and HACCP Plan Validation.

GMP Training

Understanding Good Manufacturing Practices will improve your facility's safety and quality. By showing that your facility implements Good Manufacturing Practices, you'll demonstrate to regulatory agencies in the United States and abroad that your facility produces food safely. This can reduce the incidence of unannounced inspections of your facility.

McLeskey Consulting takes a comprehensive approach to GMP Training. You'll learn the ins and outs of Good Manufacturing Practices, and we'll also look at how those practices apply to your particular facility.

SSOP & Sanitation Training

Our SSOP Training is designed to help you develop, implement, or reassess your Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures to stay in compliance with FDA, FSIS, and SSOP Regulations. SSOP training will cover:

  • Guidance on designing SSOP records
  • Assistance with handling SSOP deviation
  • Interpreting SSOP data to spot trends and make improvements


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McLeskey Consulting, Inc. offers comprehensive training, auditing, and consulting services for the food production industry. We work in every stage of food production: farms, processing facilities, distribution centers and management offices.

Our review and analysis will provide actionable information about your processes and procedures, including necessary steps to meet the accreditation standards your customers require.

McLeskey Consulting, Inc. Is A Certified Trainer & Auditor

  • BRC and Internal Auditor Trained
  • SQF Expert Practitioner
  • HACCP Auditor: Basic, Advanced/IDV, NR and Verficiation/Validation

Soon to offer:

  • PAACO Certified: Animal Welfare – Poultry, Beef, Pork, Lamb
  • International HACCP Alliance Certified Trainer

PAACO Certified Auditor HACCP Certified